Iceland Itinerary with my Mom and Dad

This Iceland Itinerary is your guide to a road trip. We spent time in Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, and traveling to black sand beaches.

Kyana Sue Powers


I was lucky enough to have my mom and dad visit me in Iceland from Boston, MA for 1 week. They came to Iceland during one of the best times, in early November and we had the best time exploring the South Coast of Iceland. We traveled at a reletively slow pace, which helped us to enjoy our time together while exploring Iceland's hidden gems and getting to know the Icelandic culture and nature.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1

- Rented a car from Blue Car Rental

- Relaxed at the Sky Lagoon

- Dinner at Sjavargrill

- Slept at City center hótel Reykjavik

Day 2

- Breakfast at Deig

- Took the ferry from Landeyjahöfn to spend the day in the Westman Islands

- Coffee and Pretzel Break at Vigtin bakhús

- We drove around the entire island and stopped at places like Halldórsskora (Elephant Rock) and , Eldfell parking for trail head , and Sprangan

- Visited the Eldheimar

- Dinner at næs

- Took the ferry back to the mainland and slept at Midgard Base Camp & Restaurant

Day 3

- Took a road trip on the south coast and stopped at waterfalls like Skogafoss and the Black Sand Beach

- Coffee Break at Skool Beans

- Ice Cave Tour in Vík with Katlatrack

- Dinner at my favorite, Black Crust Pizzeria

- Slept again at Midgard Base Camp & Restaurant

Day 4

- We spent the entire day on a Super Jeep tour with Midgard Adventure , They took us to remote black sand beaches, and crossed rivers with their special super jeep and took us to hidden canyons and places that we couldn't reach with a regular car. It was an awesome day!

- Spent the night and enjoyed the northern lights at Panorama Glass Lodge

Day 5

- We drove back towards Reykjavik, stopping a few places we saw along the way

- Stopped for lunch at The Greenhouse Food Hall

- Soaked in the Blue Lagoon and had dinner at their Lava Restaurant

- Slept at The Reykjavik EDITION

They left early the next day and I can't wait for them to come back because I still have so much more to show them in this beautiful country!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your trip to Iceland!

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Iceland truly is a bucket list destination for adventure travelers and nature lovers. Iceland has something for everyone, solo travelers, honeymooners, and families with kids!

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