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Having traveled nearly everywhere in the country, Kyana is the go-to for Iceland travel hacks and advice. She knows all the best experiences and places to visit in Iceland. You'll likely find her at her favorite restaurant, Sushi Social or chasing waterfalls in on the south coast. Be warned, if you follow Kyana's guides and itineraries, you may just fall in love with Iceland and move there as well.

Guide by Kyana Sue Powers
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5.0(40 reviews)

Stacy Kostiuk

July 2024

Very helpful, prompt responses. Made great recommendations on an itinerary I came up with

Kristy LoSapio

July 2024

I was struggling planning our trip to Iceland, and thank goodness I found Kyana. She did an absolutely fantastic job planning an itinerary for us that checked all the boxes I asked for. 1000% worth spending the money to get her help! I couldn't be happier. And I absolutely fell in love with Iceland! What a special place. I will be going back!

Tomas Cabrejas Ruiz

July 2024

Great purchase!!! Open communication with Kyana 24/7, super friendly and helpful. Recommend 100%.

Scott Barnacle

June 2024

I spent weeks trying to figure out where to go, what to do, where to stay and to eat. I probably put 40 hours into my planning and I still was unsure if I was making this a vacation that was going to be fun. I found Kyana and she reviewed my itinerary and made my trip amazing! She is awesome. I would recommend anyone thinking of a trip to Iceland using her.

Jim Gray

May 2024

OMG I can’t thank Kyana enough. She is an amazing travel guide with so many itineraries and things to do in Iceland, I would’ve been lost without her. Giving Us firsthand knowledge of the country and letting us know what to expect in the different seasons of Iceland from Weather to the amount of tourists you’re going to encounter I so highly recommend having her at least review your itinerary to give you pointers on your trip. And let me tell you 10 days was not enough to see all of Iceland(ps we did the Ring Road) and I can’t wait to plan my next trip back signed - satisfied traveler

Marla Sustin

May 2024

I had no idea how to plan this vacation. Kyana Sue’s advice and guide was so helpful. I chose to do one more online meeting for any extra advice and to finalize my itinerary she made for me! She is so helpful!

Guide by Kyana Sue Powers
Joined in April 2022

The current CEO of Iceland, Chief Experience Officer, Kyana Sue Powers is an American living in Iceland. Kyana took her first trip to Iceland in 2018, driving around the ring road in a campervan. She immediately fell in love with Iceland and knew she had to live there. Powers quit her job in Boston, MA and sold all her belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Iceland. Kyana now creates inspiring and useful travel tips for travelers and Icelandic companies.

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