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Kyana Sue Powers

Destination: Iceland

CEO of Iceland, Your Guide in Iceland

The current CEO of Iceland, Chief Experience Officer, Kyana Sue Powers is an American living in Iceland. Kyana took her first trip to Iceland in 2018, driving around the ring road in a campervan. She immediately fell in love with Iceland and knew she had to live there. Powers quit her job in Boston, MA and sold all her belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Iceland. After overcoming several deportation threats from the Icelandic government, she now runs a successful media production company in Iceland. Kyana creates inspiring and useful travel tips for travelers and Icelandic companies. Having traveled nearly everywhere in the country, Kyana is the go-to for Iceland travel hacks and advice. She knows all the best experiences and places to visit in Iceland. You'll likely find her at her favorite restaurant, Sushi Social or chasing waterfalls in on the south coast. Be warned, if you follow Kyana's guides and itineraries, you may just fall in love with Iceland and move there as well.

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