How to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

The Northern Lights are a magical travel experience in Iceland. This is the best location to find the Aurora Borealis near Reykjavik.

Kyana Sue Powers


The Northern Lights are a magical experience in Iceland. They can usually be seen from September - April. The northern lights are always there but in the summer time it becomes too bright to see them.

The northern lights are never gaurenteed in Iceland.

In order to see the northern lights you need a couple things: clear skies, dark skies, and activity level in the Aurora and a little bit of luck. If you have all these things then you are sure to see the northern lights! They come and go so sometimes waiting in one spot is also helpful or driving around until you see them. There is no magic spot in Iceland to find northern lights.

Clear Skies:

I use to see the cloud forecast. Make sure to click composite . This allows you to see where the clouds will be and when. Do not confuse the green lower clouds with aurora, the color shows where clouds WILL be.

You can also just look up when you are outside, if you can see stars, that is a good sign!

Dark Skies:

If you are in the city, it might be best to drive a little bit out of the city and look north, some spots near the city where I have spotted them before are Grotta Light House, Hljómskálagarður, and the Sun Voyager. I have also seen them just walking down main streets and even from my bedroom window. Your best bet will be to drive a little out of town or to Grotta Light House. Then look to the north for dancing green lights. Preferably drive somewhere that has no clouds. Remember that it is unsafe to pull over on the side of the road main road.

Activity Level:

I use the Aurora App to help find the northern lights activity. There is a lot of information in this app and it can be confusing but I only two things.

1. The map of aurora forecast

2. KP forecast graphs under Forecast Tab

Any KP level with 2 or higher is standard for Iceland and it is likely you will see them if the skies are clear. Anything above 3 is HIGH chance of a great northern lights show.

Best Northern Lights Tours:

Aurora Basecamp is a great place to see and learn more about the northern lights only 25 minutes Reykjavik. You can use code KYANASUE10

Icelandic Roamers offers private northern lights tours WITH a professional photographer. I couldn't recommend this tour ENOUGH! Worth every penny. He will pick you up right at your accomodation and drive you to find the northern lights away from massive bus tours.

Northern Lights Guided Tour offers bus tours with a guide to find the northern lights. Pick ups are near your hotel


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