Top 10 Best Activities in Iceland

Here is a guide with the top 10 the best tours in Iceland to help you discover beyond Reykjavik and explore the beautiful nature.

Kyana Sue Powers


personalized itinerary personalized itinerary personalized itinerary What is the best time to come to Iceland? To be honest, every month has it's pros and cons. Road trips are possible in both winter and summer. I always reccomend renting a car to have the freedom of traveling around Iceland.

But Iceland is such a unique country and there are so many once in a life time activities you can do here in Iceland. I want to make sure you have the best possible time in Iceland, and I wouldn't recommend an experience if it wasn't awesome. You won't be able to do them all so pick your favorites, and make sure you don't leave Iceland without going on a glacier or to an ice cave.

Here are the best tours in Iceland, don't forget to click into each card for more information on each tour.

1. Reykjavik Food Tour

Small Group Food Tour with a local guide, trying amazing authentic Icelandic dishes.

2. Silfra Snorkeling

Snorkle between two continental plates, in the freshest water on the planet

3. Glacier Hike and Ice Cave Tour

Hike on a glacier in the summer time, and explore Ice tunnels and caves in the winter time. If you're lucky enough to do both, I'd absolutely go for it!

4. Katlatrack

Explore the new Katla Ice Cave, under the most dangerous volcano in Iceland or explore hidden canyons by buggy.

5. Ice Guide Kayaking

Kayaking amoung icebergs in the glaicer lagoon is an absolute bucket list item to check if you come to Iceland in the summer

6. ATV + Snowmobiling Arcanum Tours ATV on remote volcanic black sand beaches or ride a snowmobil on top of a glacier if you're brave enough for the adventure!

7. Aurora Base Camp The Northern Lights are a truly magical experience in Iceland if you come September - April.

8. Midgard Adventure

Ride in an Icelandic Super Jeep through the highlands through rivers and canyons that normals cars can't reach. Hike to hidden waterfalls and learn about the landscape with your local guide.

9. Elding Whale Watching

Take a ride into the Atlantic to catch some whales, if you're lucky you'll spot some dolphins and puffins too!

10. Viking Rafting

For the true adventure spirits, White water rafting through glacier waters and volcanic canyons is the ultimate experience in north Iceland.


Iceland truly is a bucket list destination for adventure travelers and nature lovers. Iceland has something for everyone, solo travelers, honeymooners, and families with kids!

Check out my itineraries for more detailed planning, including the best places to stay, Restaurants to try , an interactive map, and hidden gems all over Iceland.

Don't see what you need? Submit for a personalized itinerary , and I'll tailor to fit all your needs! I'm so excited for your trip to Iceland :)