Guide to Visiting Iceland in November

Here's everything you need to know about traveling to Iceland in November. I cover weather, daylight hours, what to wear, and things to do.

Kyana Sue Powers


Is November the best time to travel to Iceland?

Of course it is because you'll have the chance to experience the northern lights! The Aurora Borealis is one of the most magical things in the world!

Hey I’m Kyana, an American who moved to Iceland and now I’m helping you plan your trip!

The days in Iceland are getting shorter and colder but there is still plenty of time for adventure and road trips. Here's everything you need to know about traveling to Iceland in November.


The average temperature is around 40 degrees F or 4 degrees C, you'll want to make sure to plack lots of layers, a nice warm jacket, and good boots to keep you dry and warm.


The Icelandic weather is super unpredictable. You can expect everything from sunshine and blue skies, to snowing, windy, raining, sometimes all in the same day. It's important to be up-to date on weather in Iceland and to be prepared for everything. I suggest checking the weather daily (often multiple times a day) at this is the ONLY reliable weather source in Iceland. Also remember that there are many weather systems in Iceland so if it's snowing in Reykjavik it might be sunny on the South Coast. You can also check the current road conditions at for live views of the roads in Iceland.


There is about 5-7 hours of daylight in November. Here are the sunrise and sunset times:

November 1: Sunrise - 9:10, Sunset - 17:10

November 30: Sunrise - 10:42, Sunset - 15:49

What to Do

  • I can’t recommend enough to rent a car for your trip so you can have the freedom to explore Iceland. Blue Car Rental is my most trusted provider. They have winter tires on every car to keep you safe.
  • It’s a perfect time to spend a day exploring Reykjavik, I suggest checking out the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon . Both are great in you can fit it in!
  • The Reykjavik Food Tour is another great way to get introduced to Iceland by a local guide and trying Icelandic Cuisine. It’s suprisingly wicked tasty. You can use my code KYANASUE10 for a 10% discount.
  • Another amazing thing to experience in November are the natural ice caves found in the glaciers. We have quite a few this year that are all awesome, my favorites are the Katla Ice Cave which you can visit with Katlatrack and use code KYANASUE10 for 10% off your tour.
  • Or you can go for an extended glacier adventure with Local Guide and book a Glacier Hike and Ice Cave Tour to the Sapphire Ice Cave, using code KYANASUE10 will save you 10% here too.
  • Hunt for the northern lights. Check out these Northern Lights Tips to find them for yourself.
  • Hop on an ATV Tour through Black Sand Beaches and Hidden Canyons or ride a Snowmobil over a glacier with Arcanum Adventure Tours by Icelandia - Mýrdalsjökull Base Camp You can use code KYANA15% for 15% off your tour
  • Visit a musuem! My favorite musuems in Iceland are the Perlan Natural Wonders of the World Museum in Reykjavik and LAVA Centre Volcano Museum in Hvolsvöllur


Iceland truly is a bucket list destination for adventure travelers and nature lovers. Iceland has something for everyone, solo travelers, honey mooners, and families with kids!

Check out my Itineraries for more detailed planning, including the best places to stay, Restaurants to try , an interactive maps, and hidden gems all over Iceland.

Can't find what you like? Submit for a personalized itinerary , and I'll tailor to fit all your needs! I'm so excited for your trip to Iceland :)