Central Park
The most famous park in NYC
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from Laura Peruchi

Central Park goes from 59th St to 110th St, the park is worth visiting the entire year! Whether in winter, when everyone goes to play in the snow, or in summer, when the lawns become “beaches” or in mid-season, when the trees are colorful, with the shades of fall or spring. And as the place is gigantic, it deserves to be explored with time! I recommend setting aside at least a full day for the park – which can be split into two periods depending on how the weather is.

TIP : The best way to explore the entire park is by riding a bike! There is a special lane for bikes and you can dismount the bike to explore the other areas - you will see signs where the bikes are not permitted. Use the code Laura30 for 30% off when renting a bike

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