Snowmobile Tours in Kiruna
Est. Duration
4 - 6 hours
Est. Price
Message from Madeline Rae

When you visit Swedish Lapland in the winter, the best way to get around is the way the locals do – by snowmobile. Getting anywhere in the winter by car can take time, but with a snowmobile you can drive across frozen lakes and through forests, experiencing the barren landscapes of arctic winter.

The best way to experience this is through a snowmobile tour. Camp Alta offers a few different tours, including a tour that goes to Jukkasjärvi to the famous Icehotel.

While in Lapland, we took this snowmobile tour from Kiruna to Jukkasjärvi and back. With only three hours of daylight in December, we took off in the morning over a frozen lake and through forest trails toward Jukkasjärvi where we spent time exploring the town. In the afternoon, we headed back to Kiruna in the dark through the snow-covered forests. It was really magical.

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