Drive along one of Norway's most scenic routes


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Message from Madeline Rae

Drive alongside the coastline and enjoy of the most beautiful views in Norway. There are 18 designated scenic routes in Norway, which feature breathtaking views, art installations, and perhaps some of the coolest toilets in the world.

The Andøya scenic route is one of only a few routes in the northern half of Norway, featuring mountains on one side and the sea on the other and some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Norway.

Starting at Andenes, drive south along the coastline. through rest stops in Kleivodden and Bukkekjerka - where you can take a bathroom break with a view.

Along the way, a stop in the town of Bleik is also a must. Here, off the coast, you'll see Bleik island which is home to around 80 ,000 breeding pairs of puffins! If you have some time and are visiting during puffin season (from April 14-August 10), you can even take a puffin safari out to the island.

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