Most insane spa experience ever


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Message from Stay Classy

Okay, we will try to cut this short but this place is just magnificent.

It is the most insane spa experience we’ve ever had. We even had a beer bath. Yes, we sat and enjoyed life in 2000 liters of healing fizzy beer and the result was the softest glowing skin ever.

But what about the actual location?

In the vibrant Carlsberg district, the former Carlsberg beer factory is being given a new lease of life as Copenhagen’s benchmark relaxation oasis.

The iconic building dating back to 1881 has been returned to its former glory, with its original features restored and now part of the magical AIRE atmosphere.

A place where time no longer exists, where you can live a unique experience of total disconnection for the body and mind.

This allows you to feel the Danish vibe in old oriental oases. A mix that results in a very unique experience that we can not recommend enough

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