Monument of Discovery
Amazing Sunset Spot
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Message from Stay Classy

Here we have another place that we would visit daily when living in the neighbourhood of Ajuda. We of course think that the tower is wonderful, but we actually come to enjoy the atmosphere that is especially great during sunset.

Lots of people will come to this river from the location and enjoy a walk, a glass of wine, or some food in this area.

But what about the actual monument? This is basically a romantic way of memorizing the great era of the Portuguese discovery. It features the battles, the exploration, and the conquests that Portugal made during their greatest time.

You can even climb to the top if you wish. We have never done that, but if you don't have a drone, we recommend you to do so, because when looking down at the square from the top of the monument, you will see the beautiful old map spread out on the tiles of the square.

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