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A Hidden Paradise
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from Stay Classy

Calhau da Lapa is a very special place that requires effort to visit. It's a little paradise of magic where you come to enjoy tranquility and crystal clear ocean water. We have a full video from there that shows just how special it is: To get there you need to follow the path all the way from the beginning where you park the car. It's not too long (2 km), but it's very downhill when you reach the last bit. If you just go slow and take it easy, you will enjoy it. The easy and comfortable way to get there is to hire a boat from Ribeira Brava. It only takes 15 minutes each way and you can make a half day trip out of it. You generally only go during summer, but you can go all year round although you only find the little family restaurant open during summer months.

If you wish to stay in the cave you can book here:

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