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My name is Gunnar and I am a photographer from Iceland known as Icelandic Explorer. I've spent the past 9 years traveling all across Iceland, searching for the best photo locations, most beautiful landscape, the best food, coffee and unique places to stay. I have published a book about Iceland called "Stunning Iceland" and I am part of the "Best of Iceland" committee for The Reykjavik Grapevine. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for travel in Iceland with you!

Guide by Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson
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Kassi Nopratvarakorn

July 2024

We ended up booking a last minute trip to Iceland and I saw Gunnar's photos pop-up on my explore feed and I immediately went down a rabbit hole of his account and ended up on his website where I bought the personalized itinerary for our trip to the north and east parts of the country. Gunnar was incredibly responsive - even before I had bought anything, he was quick to answer my questions and made me feel confident in our purchase. He was flexible to provide me with a loose itinerary of must-sees while taking into consideration my requests. We would have missed so much if it wasn't for him and only wish we had found his guide for our previous trips! Thanks for making this such a once-in-a-lifetime visit, Gunnar!

Lee Detrie

July 2024

Gunnar has been very helpful. His guide is excellent and we can’t wait to visit Iceland!

Christian Burtchen

July 2024

A truly amazing guide! We used it to plan our trip to Iceland (a much anticipated trip), and were so impressed. The restaurants recommendations were top notch! Thank you Gunnar! We will be recommending this guide to anyone who wants to plan a trip to Iceland.

Tomas Fernandez Luna

July 2024

Amazingly detailed guide of whole Iceland spots, including places to eat, sleep, excursions or hidden gems with a short description to choose wisely. Definitely worth the price !!


July 2024

I'm impressed by how generous and transparent Gunnar is! He knows this fascinating island of Iceland inside out, including the hidden places away from "mass tourism", but more than that he shares all its secrets without hesitation. Big big up Gunnar 👊🙌

Marc Faiella

June 2024

I booked a last minute trip to Iceland and was immediately pushed an ad for this guide into my Instagram algorithm. The one time the algorithm suggested category actually worked on me!

This guide made it soooooo easy to plan the limited time I had in Iceland. I just favorited the things I knew I wanted to do and plan my itinerary from there. Gunnar made detailed notes and also there were so many hidden spots he mentioned that had I not gotten the guide, I would have completely missed.

Will be reusing this guide when I hopefully in revisit Iceland again Soon!

Guide by Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson
Joined in October 2022

Gunnar is one of Icelands leading photographers, specialising in nature and adventure photography. He has over 10 years of experience with traveling all around Iceland.

Not only does he want to find the most beautiful places, but equally important to find best places to stay, have a great cup of coffee and meal.

Gunnar is an official Canon Nordic Ambassador and works with many leading brands from around the world as well as some of the best resorts in Iceland.

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