Impressive historic geothermal pool
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Message from Roberto Luigi Pagani

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool Car Park is one of the key attractions in the south of Iceland. It is the oldest swimming pool in the country, dating back to 1923. The natural hot water sourced from geothermal springs keeps it warm and inviting all year round. Taking a road trip around the Ring Road? Be sure to make the small detour and plan on spending some time here soaking up the stunning views and taking a dip in the picturesque pool. There's only a 20 minute hike from the car park, making it an easy destination for any traveler. Bring along your own towel and a pair of flip flops for ease of changing room access, as the facility is co-ed with no seclusion. While the pool is popular among locals and tourists alike, be warned that it isn’t without its disadvantages, such as its atmosphere of rotting wet clothing and piles of garbage, left behind by careless visitors. Regardless, come prepared and leave nothing but footprints, and you're sure to have an incredible experience at Seljavallalaug.

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