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I constantly receive messages from people asking for advice on the places to visit, and this is a selection of some of my favourite destinations in Iceland.

I have an MA in Medieval Icelandic Studies from the University of Iceland, where I pursued PhD studies in the same subject. I taught at that university for 6 years before I began my social media projects. I published translations of Icelandic sagas, a book about Icelandic culture and history and the Traveler Guide “Iceland” for National Geographic.

I made sure to include as many museums and historical sites as possible, along with some of my favourite hotels, restaurants and cafes, to give you the opportunity to appreciate this country as much as I do!

Guide by Roberto Luigi Pagani
Made in English

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Cinzia Zilio

August 2023

Federica Russo

August 2023

Ottima mappa guida, approfondita e dettagliata, per scoprire al meglio l’Islanda. Roberto è una garanzia, dopo aver acquistato la sua guida per National Geographic non ho esitato ad acquistare anche questa mappa guida.

Ármann Rexby

August 2023

Siria Dorascenzi

August 2023

Guide by Roberto Luigi Pagani
Joined in July 2023

Author of the National Geograpic traveler guide: Iceland. MA in Medieval Icelandic studies, translator of Old Icelandic texts.

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