Literally cycling through the Trees in Belgium's cycling paradise Limburg


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Message from Sarah and Cédric

‘Fietsen door de bomen’ or ‘Cycling through the trees’ is a cycle path that brings you up to 10 meters high between the treetops. It consists of a double circle and is 700 meters long in total.

The poles supporting the cycle path resemble the straight trunks of the surrounding trees, making the path blending in with the environment. Decades ago these trees were planted to be used as mining wood. But due to the closure of the mines, these trees were never felled. Now a forest management plan controls the situation so other smaller trees are given more space and light to grow as well. The felled trees are now part of the pavilion at the entrance of Fietsen door de Bomen.

Not able to go there with your own bike? No problem: Also walkers and joggers are free to use this beautiful path that makes you one with nature. Or you can rent a bike in the surrounding area, as Limburg has a large cycle route network to offer.

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