The most beautiful blossoms in spring in Belgium
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2 - 4 hours
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Message from Sarah and Cédric

Haspengouw is the fruit region in the south of Belgian Limburg. The sloping landscape in this region makes it the perfect place to cultivate fruit and wine. When exploring the area during spring you will be amazed by the amount of beautiful blossoms and fruit. And there’s more: due to the rich past of Haspengouw, you will also find enchanting castles, handsome square farms, and a large collection of monuments, churches and other historic buildings. And on top of that, you can also taste all the local delicacies here!

The region is best known for its beautiful cycling and walking routes, but we think the best way to explore this area is by Vespa of Vespa Haspengouw.

Hop on a Vespa and cruise through the fruity landscapes of Haspengouw at your own pace. They will not only provide you with a well-equipped and maintained Vespa. They also offer you various routes to explore the region, along the beautiful blossoms, historical monuments, castles, churches and other wonderful hidden gems. And on top of that they can also provide a delicious picnic breakfast or lunch for on the road.

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