Summit One Vanderbilt
Amazing views through an immersive experience




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Message from Laura Peruchi

Summit is located on the One Vanderbilt, in the heart of Manhattan, next to Grand Central station. It is is a new, innovative destination that combines unparalleled vistas, curated multi-sensory experiences and cutting-edge technology to offer an unprecedented guest experience spanning art, nature, and design. It is produced by SL Green with the immersive art experience designed by Kenzo Digital and interior design by Snøhetta.

The observatory – when you decide to open a new observatory in a city with another four ones, you need to be creative. Whoever conceived the Summit knew this and there are so many experiences that, in some of them, the views are even secondary – but they are still incredible. The observatory starts on the 91st floor and has 4 floors.

The experience – in addition to spectacular views of Midtown and Downtown – no observatory is as close to the Empire State Building as Summit – you still have views of Central Park and the iconic Chrysler Building. Summit has several experiences: Transcendence, which is a huge, mirrored room where every corner you look at provides a different view of the space. Mirrors on the walls, floor, and ceiling create an incredible sense of infinity; Levitation, fully transparent glass skyboxes that jut out of the building and suspend guests 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue; Ascent, two all-glass enclosed elevators which travel up the outside of the building to breathtaking views that soar at 1,210 feet above New York City. It’s like having a VIP view of lower Manhattan. Besides all these spaces and experiences, Summit features an outdoor bar, seating areas to enjoy the magnificent views, and the highest urban outdoor alpine meadow in the world.

TIP: the first room - Transcendence - is usually crowded. Don't feel discouraged. Head to the second floor of the room and you will find empty corners to take beautiful pictures.

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