Iconic cliff and beach on Nusa Penida


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We visited here as part of a day trip from Bali that included snorkeling around Nusa Penida with lunch on the island and then a short drive to this iconic spot.

As cool as this spot is, we must admit we were a bit underwhelmed and personally don't really think it is worth it UNLESS you are staying on the island for a few days. We went around 2 pm and it was just one big tourist trap with SO many people just trying to get that one perfect photo we've all seen!

If you do add this on to your trip, we HIGHLY recommend coming for sunrise before all the craziness begins with the tourist groups (like we were a part of lol) because then you can really take in the beauty of it! If you decide to walk down to the beach below, which looks incredible, we heard it is not for the lighthearted! The walk down is supposedly a bit sketch so make sure you are fully prepared if you do that route and bring plenty of water as there are no amenities at the bottom.

*Be careful with your stuff and setting it down because there are monkeys that will spring out of nowhere

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