An adrenaline ATV adventure in Ubud
Est. Duration
1 - 2 hours
Est. Price
Message from Danny&Taylor |

ATV Kuber Bali Adventure was something we didn't know we needed to do until we did it!

Danny's family had come to visit for 2 weeks and this is when we did most of these adventure activities!

It is about an hour and a half ATV ride which starts by going through the local rice fields. It was absolutely beautiful but we were a bit disappointed at first because we thought that this was it. We were literally driving about 5 miles an hour...

BUT then we entered the jungle and OH MY GOD! You're going down steep hills into the valley below and it suddenly became so epic! You drive through narrow caves and trenches of water before ending up driving to a waterfall where you can hop off and get photos.

The end was the most exciting for us but we can't give everything away before you experience it for yourself!

Activity level
All seasons
Age requirement
6 and older
What to bring

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