Swedish woodlands

Off the beaten path trips to the woodlands of Sweden. Come and join me in Västmanland and Dalarna's hidden gems! Best places for fishing, wild camping, mushroom picking, hidden beaches in the forest and more

Guide by Monika Mizinska Momcilovic
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June 2024

Monika is a wonderful and incredibly helpful person ❤️ She recommended many places that I recently visited and I’m in love with all of them! The views are really breathtaking. You can ask her any question and You will always get an answer. Thank You so much!!!! Sending hugs and kisses 🥰🌿🌲🪲

Guide by Monika Mizinska Momcilovic
Joined in March 2023

I'm Monika and I've been exploring Swedish woods for the past 5 years. I'm originally from Poland and right after my graduation I moved to Morocco, where I spent wonderful 3 years of my life. Then I continued my exploration and moved to Serbia and the UK. Finally, I settled down in central Sweden and fell in love with its raw, wild nature. I spend all my free time in the woods and travel as much as I can within the country. I know Västmanland and Dalarna inside out and explored wonderful places around Stockholm too! My heart though, belongs to Lapland. In my guides I'll show you my hidden gems in central Sweden and I'm working on my Lapland guides as well!

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