Mesmerizing natural sight in Iceland
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Message from Roberto Luigi Pagani

Ásbyrgi is a truly mesmerizing natural sight in Iceland, located approximately fifty miles east of Húsavík. The canyon features an impressive horseshoe shape of 100 meter (328 feet) high cliff sides and stunning woodland undergrowth of birch, willow, spruce, larch and pine trees. A small lake called Botnstjörn can also be discovered when exploring the area, alongside the spectacular 25 meters rock formation known as 'The Island' which divides Ásbyrgi for half its length. According to geologists this astonishing valley was formed 8-10 million years ago, but folk tales tell another story of how Odin's eight-legged steed left its deep imprint onto the earth with one of his swift steps.It is also considerer s capital city of the Elves (hidden people).

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