Chris's Personal Guide To Iceland

Chris Burkard’s love for this country is contagious and he has experienced this place in such unique ways, such as surfing under the northern lights and cycling across Iceland from east to west. In this guide Chris shares his favorite things to do, epic itineraries and so many great pointers for travelers who plan to visit Iceland.

Guide by Chris Burkard
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Joey Wickham

December 2023

Having Chris’ Rexby has made planning my trip to Iceland so much easier. He has helpful recommendations for pretty much every part of the island. He has even been responsive when I’ve had specific questions about things on his recommendations list. Chris is the real deal and if you’re planning a trip to Iceland I highly recommend using his Rexby to help plan!

Anna Zingsheim

September 2023

I can't thank you enough Chris! When I first heard about the guide, I never expected it to be so comprehensive. It includes everything, from an interactive map to a multitude of locations. Looking forward to the best trip of my life!!

Guide by Chris Burkard
Joined in December 2022

Chris Burkard is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and adventurer that loves Iceland. He has shared epic photographs and films that showcases Icelandic landscape and natural phenomenon. Some of his films about Iceland includes “Under an Arctic Sky” and “A Line in Sand“.

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