One of the most iconic locations in the Dolomites has to be Seceda, the popular location definitely lives up to its reputation




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Message from Giulia Woergartner

From Ortsei, you can easily get to Seceda by taking the convenient Seceda cable car.

When you arrive at the top station of the cable car, you find yourself on a beautiful panoramic terrace, which allows you to enjoy a 350-degree view of the most beautiful mountains Val Gardena has to offer.

To get to the famous viewpoint of the Geisler Peaks, you'll have to hike the final bit, which will take around 20 minutes. You'll see a cross on the top and have plenty of different angles you can take in the views. Please be careful when walking around on the mountain top since there is a massive drop on your left side. There is a fence for some sections. Still, I've seen so many people get into risky situations to take pictures of the view and put themselves in danger. I think it is one of the most stunning and unique mountains in the area and very high on my list of favorite spots.

If you would like to visit for Sunset there is a great option not many people know about. This will involve taking your car up half the way, take the 2nd gondola (the Seceda gondola is split into two) and then when you hike down after sunset you will only have to walk to the spot where you parked your car instead all the way back to town. This will save you quite some time, especially after a long exhausting day walking in the dark. Drive to the Restaurant Costa Mula and park your car. From the car park you will walk up to the 2nd part of the Seceda Gondola. When you are done with your visiit, hike down towards Ortisei and simply follow the skipist/road. You will end up at the car park after 1-2 hours.

If you decide to hike to Seceda, you can start hiking from Ortisei. You can leave your car at the restaurant Costa Mula and follow the road up the mountain (this will take you about 2-3 hours) or hike from Santa Christina, at the Cristauta - Praplan parking lot. This will take you around 3 hours to the top.

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