My Edinburgh and Scotland Guide

Explore the stunning sights of Edinburgh & Scotland in my guide. From the stunning city vistas from Calton Hill, to the ancient buildings and charming historic cobblestone streets of the Old Town, Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of this truly remarable city and uncover the scenic marvels that await around every corner in Edinburgh. Let me guide you through the stunning countryside and highlands and castle country, ensuring you have an unforgettable exploration of the greatest country in the world!

Guide by Ian G Black
Made in English

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holly marshall

May 2024

We just arrived back to the US from 10 days in Scotland. Loved it. I purchased Ian's guide a few weeks before we left and we definitely used it. The three day walking tour guide of Edinburgh was very helpful in navigating the highlights and must sees so that we would have it covered during out time there. Loved Edinburgh! Ian was also responsive to any messages I may have sent. The guide is very well done and worth purchasing.

Agata Brzostek

March 2024

Ian's Scotland guide is a must-have for planning a trip! It goes beyond a simple list, offering detailed information, travel tips, inspiring photos, and even itineraries. With his passion and love for Scotland, you can trust his recommendations!

James Paul

March 2024

I have known Ian for many years and he has always been a passionate and enthusiastic man with a deep affection for his home country of Scotland. He is also very hospitable and he goes out of his way to make people feel welcome in his life in general as well as in his tours of Edinburgh. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering visiting Edinburgh; you won’t get a better experience of this extraordinary place

Betti K

March 2024

Always great content from Ian! Saw him several times working and he always takes great care in showing everyone the best parts of Scotland😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Nancy Milholland

February 2024

Ian Black is the essence of everything Scottish in his photography, suggestions, travel tips, and knowledge of restaurants, castles, walks, etc. Both within Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, his deep love and appreciation for his country is evident in the depth of detail he provides for the want to be visitor to this incredible destination. In fact reading his guidebook has me longing to hop on a plane and follow the path he has laid out so wonderfully. I will recommend this to any friend or family who plans on venturing to the incredible country of Scotland. You can bet I will have Ian‘s travel book on hand when I make my sojourn to Scotland!

Vasileios Vasakos

February 2024

Love reading through this amazing guide, it helped me so much while travelling in Scotland! It contains everything you need for your trip and even more! Highly recommend!

Guide by Ian G Black
Joined in February 2024

My name is Ian G Black and I am a Scottish photographer and social media content creator working in partnership with leading brands to authentically and creatively promote their products to my global audience.

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