Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
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The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a must see when you are in Ubud. We actually ended up going twice, once with Danny's family and then again with my mom when they came to visit during our travels!

The first time we were a bit on edge because we didn't quite know what to expect and were VERY cautious about the monkey behavior just because the signs outside are a bit intimidating such as don't look the monkeys in the eyes because it is interpreted as a sign of aggression. So literally anytime a monkey looked in our direction when we were watching it, we would turn our head real fast! By the second time we went we were much more comfortable!

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE being able to be that up close and personal with these intelligent and beautiful animals. When we tell you they are running right by your feet or sometimes even jumping on you we're not lying, it's an amazing moment!

We reckon it would take about an hour to walk through the whole sanctuary but we got mesmerized watching the monkeys interact with one another and even just hanging by themselves that it took us about 2 1/2 hours going through the park.

PRO TIP : Do NOT leave your belongings on the ground because the monkeys will swoop down and take anything they fancy!

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