Restaurant with amazing views on the cliff in Nusa Penida


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Message from Danny&Taylor |

We cruised over to Greenkubu as part of a private boat tour. It was our lunch spot for the day after snorkeling at a few spots around Nusa Penida.

We were so happy with this restaurant because it had some wonderful hidden gems! It was the first gates that we had come across that didn't have a line to get a picture AND they were white. We had no idea that they even existed and were the most gorgeous gates overlooking the sea with the volcano in the background. It was a bit of an overcast day so we unfortunately had an obstructed view but still breathtaking nonetheless!

The restaurant had a wide variety of options from Western to Indonesian cuisine and a long list of cocktails. There was also an infinity pool that guests could enjoy with the most incredible views!

Definitely a great lunch spot if you are visiting the island!

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