Crete - My 80 Favourite Experiences

Crete is the gift that keeps on giving. Being a travel photographer in Greece for more than 10 years, I can assure you that Crete definitely holds a very special place in my heart. Every time I visit it, I realise how much there still is to discover.

Crete is the land of plenty. A blessed land, big enough to be a country on its own. Entirely independent, able to grow and cultivate tropical foods, but always with snowy mountain tops in the background. A coast decorated with the most amazing shades of golden sand and turquoise waters. The greenest valleys you've ever seen. The friendliest locals you will ever meet. The most fascinating history and mythology. Crete is where it all began!

In this Complete Crete Guide you will find all of my personal recommendations. A list of my favourite 80 things to do, see and eat. Every single recommendation is filled with a fond memory. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to create your own amazing memories through this guide.

Guide by Stefanos Addimando
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Guide by Stefanos Addimando
Joined in October 2022

Hi there! Γεια σου.

I'm Stefanos, an Athens-based travel photographer from Greece. For more than 10 years I have been traveling around Greece, photo shooting the beautiful, lesser known sides of my country and using my social media channels to tell stories and showcase these destinations to an audience from all around the world. Over the years I have partnered and collaborated with various tourism boards and companies, such as the Greek National Tourism Organisation (Visit Greece), Marketing Greece, as well as Incredible India, Wonderful Indonesia, GoTurkiye, Four Seasons Hotels, Hilton Hotels, etc.

Also, until recently I was a member of my home island's Tourism Committee, taking part in shaping the destination's tourism campaigns, strategy and presence at international tourism fairs, such as the BiT in Milan and the WTM in London. This provided me with further experience and knowledge on tourism and how to highlight and market the unique qualities each destination has.

I am a firm believer that tourism is an excellent and powerful means of bringing people together, breaking barriers, stereotypes, showing us how different but also how similar we all are. It's a tool for locals to create unforgettable memories for the visitors, a way for visitors to become ambassadors of the places they visit, which can be beneficial for the locals in the long run. In my travel guides you will often hear me talking about giving priority to small-scale tourism infrastructure, such as local, family-run stays, interacting with locals, listening to their stories. This will lead to making lifelong friends, building authentic human relationships and creating meaningful memories that last a lifetime.

Thank you in advance for honouring me with your purchase.

Safe travels! Stef

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