Summer in Switzerland

The best hikes and activities for summer in Switzerland, making exploring the alps fun and exciting for all ages and abilities.

Everything comes from our experience living in Switzerland since 2005. Raising our two boys here, we know exactly what it's like traveling Switzerland with kids of every age, toddlers to teens.

I've been sharing Swiss travel tips for 18 years through my website Now this interactive map and guide makes it even easier to choose the best activities and plan the perfect trip in Switzerland.

For each spot on the map, we include the essential information you need to plan your outing, like a trail map, where to park, and tips for your visit. Then I link to a corresponding article on our website that has more details including detailed directions, photo story, and more insider tips.

I also have itineraries for the popular destinations, including options for families, non-hikers and hiking lovers. Let's get planning!

Guide by Tanya@SwissFamilyFun
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Synthia Simonsen

July 2024

Working with Tanya has been a dream come true! We have followed and used her website for the last three years as we have planned two other trips to Switzerland and so we knew she was amazing, but working 1-1 with her has taken it to the next level. I highly recommend you spend the money and hire her to help you plan your trip. She saved us so much time and so much headache and has made the trip planning process a breeze. We went with the highest option, that includes the 1-1 call and access to the Rexby maps, itineraries and app and I feels like we are leagues ahead of where we would have been if we hadn't hired her. We couldn't recommend her enough. She has a wealth of knowledge about Switzerland and a lot of insight about traveling with or without kids that helped steer us in a better path than I had originally planned. I'm so grateful for that because sometimes when I read reviews from other people that don't have young kids, I forget that I am traveling with young kids and the realities of what that is like. We loved our previous trips to Switzerland and it was in large part due to her detail and research. We love traveling there with young kids and really recommend it to others. She really helped us create a trip that is going to be amazing for us as the parents and for the kids. Don't hesitate to book this. You definitely won't regret it for even a second. Thank you Tanya for all the resources you have so generously given the world through your website and now with this amazing 1-1 service! -Synthia S.

Ana Cardoso Cachopo

June 2024

I've been following Tania's website for a couple of years and I really like how all the information about the hikes is so accurate and helpful. This map and all the filters is great when planning a new hike, because I can select what I am looking for and then choose from the options available. And with a map it's easier to cross the information with the weather forecast and choose an appropriate hike all year round.

Rachel Thibodeaux

June 2024

I started following Tanya's advice over seven years ago, around the time I moved to Switzerland. Her writing has helped me and my family find countless hikes and activities -- and we love that so much information is now gathered in one place within this guide. It's worth it!

I have to echo the other review that you will also benefit from this guide even if not traveling with children. It's inspired many adventures with friends too and made things much more accessible.

Salokin F

June 2024

These hikes are amazing. My children are now reaching the age where they like hike and this is the most valuable resource available. The amount of detail provided for each hike (and activity on plus the step by step photos make it possible to have confidence in visiting an area one has not visited before. I am deeply grateful to Tanya for all of the work done for these hikes.

Whatever the price, it's a complete bargain for everyone (parents and non-parents) interested in experiencing the beauty of the landscapes Switzerland offers.

Stan Ricks

June 2024

Tanyas reviews and instructions and ideas for traveling in Switzerland are amazing and detailed and helpful. They are saving us so much time and research figuring out where to go and what to do traveling both as a couple and with kids. I signed up for a one hour phone discussion and personal assistance and it was even better and worth every penny! We are in engelberg now near lucerene and heading to murren and have loved our experience here. Thanks so much to tanya and her excellent help!

Janet Wanamaker

May 2024

I have been a fan of Tanya's "Swiss Family Fun" blog for 4 years. When I saw she had created an app through Rexby, I didn't hesitate to buy it to help me on my current trip to CH. I am writing this review from the mountain town of Gimmelwald. It is currently clouded in, so the app has been very helpful as I am figuring out plan B for tomorrow. The hikes' descriptions and photos have helped me to pick realistic hikes for my ability. I love everything about the way information is organized and shared for people driving or using public transit. I like the map view as well as sorting by region. Her time approximations are helpful, too. I had parts of my trip planned before I bought the app, so I didn't use the booking features. If I were coming in the summer I would definitely get tickets purchased in advance. The lines can be very long. I also love knowing the less touristy, loved by local hikes. I can't tell you how many times I opened the Rexby app during my visit this week to double check things. I have had great cell service everywhere, so no need to print things out. You will appreciate the ease of use of this app, as well as the years of research that have gone into Swiss Family Fun and the new app. I am happy to support Tanya's work with my purchase. I was not paid or given anything to write this review.

Guide by Tanya@SwissFamilyFun
Joined in September 2023

Our family has lived in Zurich Switzerland since 2005, hiking the Swiss alps with our kids from toddlers to teens. Our website has been helping travelers of all ages and abilities enjoy the the best of Switzerland for over 18 years.

Anyone can take pretty picture. We focus on providing lots of practical info and tips so you can plan a fun and stress-free holiday. We also help you pick the best activities for your group's specific needs.

Switzerland makes it so easy to enjoy spectacular views, with lots of mountain railways, well-marked trails, plentiful huts along the way, and fun activities for kids. Whether you're a non-hiker, adventurous hiker, or thrill seeker, we've got you covered.

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