Swiss Summer - Ultimate Guide!

The best hikes and activities for summer in Switzerland, making exploring the alps fun and exciting for all ages and abilities.

Everything comes from our experience living in Switzerland since 2005. Raising our two boys here, we know exactly what it's like traveling Switzerland with kids of every age, toddlers to teens.

I've been sharing Swiss travel tips for 18 years through my website Now this interactive map and guide makes it even easier to choose the best activities and plan the perfect trip in Switzerland.

For each spot on the map, we include the essential information you need to plan your outing, like a trail map, where to park, and tips for your visit. Then I link to a corresponding article on our website that has more details including detailed directions, photo story, and more insider tips.

I also have itineraries for the popular destinations, including options for families, non-hikers and hiking lovers. Let's get planning!

Guide by Tanya @ Swiss Family Fun
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Tasha MacQueen

April 2024

Tanya's guides are incredible. She knows Switzerland well and has great suggestions for fun things to do with children of varying ages. Her guides give detailed instructions on how to get to each place by different modes of transportation, distances and time needed, etc. I find this incredibly helpful in planning my trip. She also gives different suggestions of activities to do in each area. Using her guides and her expertise I feel confident in the plans I have created for our 18-day trip to Switzerland. Thank you so much!

Ashley Sharpe

April 2024

Tanya’s guides are amazing and include recommendations for kids of different ages. She also helped provide feedback for my itinerary planning which was invaluable. I highly recommend!

Guide by Tanya @ Swiss Family Fun
Joined in September 2023

Our family has lived in Zurich Switzerland since 2005, hiking the Swiss alps with our kids from toddlers to teens. Our website has been helping travelers of all ages and abilities enjoy the the best of Switzerland for over 18 years.

Anyone can take pretty picture. We focus on providing lots of practical info and tips so you can plan a fun and stress-free holiday. We also help you pick the best activities for your group's specific needs.

Switzerland makes it so easy to enjoy spectacular views, with lots of mountain railways, well-marked trails, plentiful huts along the way, and fun activities for kids. Whether you're a non-hiker, adventurous hiker, or thrill seeker, we've got you covered.

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