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Hailing from the faraway land of Australia, Josh has spent most of the last decade exploring the secluded northern reaches of Europe in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. Starting his career in the outdoors in the small city of Tromsø, Norway as a dog musher, he continued to follow his passion for adventure, finally ending up on the remote volcanic island known as Iceland! For the last 5 years, Josh has lived, breathed and worked as a Glacier Guide on the south coast’s most famous glacier: Sólheimajökull. When not exploring the icy reaches of this country, Josh traveled extensively all over the island, exploring some of the less well-known areas not shown on the regular tourist maps. A little over a year ago Josh set up a YouTube channel “Vivid Iceland” to showcase to the world what this gorgeous island has to offer. Now, teaming up with the crew at Rexby, Josh is happy to share his deep and extensive knowledge on what's best to see and do here in Iceland.

Guide by Josh Persello
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Guide by Josh Persello
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