Fall Colors in Colorado

I'm Mallory - a Western Colorado local with a passion for chasing fall colors year after year.

🍂 Experiencing fall colors in Southwest Colorado should be a bucket-list item for any adventurer or photographer. Not everyone has the luxury of coming year after year, so I have shared my favorite and best locations to help guide your once in a lifetime vacation.

📌 Looking for an unforgettable experience? This guide was made with the photographer in mind by pinpointing exact locations for "THE SHOTS" so you don't have to spend extra time trying to find a composition. These are must visit locations, and some you'll want to shoot over and over. Locations are heavily focused in SW Colorado including Telluride, Silverton, Ouray, Ridgway, Crested Butte, Lake City, Aspen, and the Grand Mesa.

✨ Thank you for being here, and PLEASE reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I want to make sure this guide is worth your while, so your feedback is sincerely appreciated.

Guide by Mallory
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5.0(5 reviews)

Lindsay Fisher

July 2024

This is a wonderful guide! Extremely thorough and has everything you need to plan your trip for some of the most beautiful places to visit in Colorado. Highly recommended!

Navya Ch

July 2024

Overall, I highly recommend the Fall Guide Travel Itinerary to anyone planning a trip to Colorado in the fall. It's a must-have resource that will help you make the most of your trip!"

Ashley Petefish

July 2024

This Guide is one of the most thorough and well thought out guides out there! One of the hardest parts about planning fall colors in Colorado is how overwhelming it can be and Mallory’s guide puts all of the information in a concise and easy to digest format!

With all of the photos showcasing each point of interest along with the suggested times of day to shoot various viewpoints, as a photographer this Guide is a must-purchase. It can be SO time consuming to research sun positioning etc to figure out the best time of day to go to each spot and she takes the guesswork out of it and tells you exactly when and where to go for optimal leaf peeping!

It’s apparent that she put a ton of time and effort into this Guide and it shows! I highly recommend for anyone planning a trip to Colorado in the fall. Additionally her suggested weekend and week long itinerary is very well put together and is perfect for both first time visitors and even those who’ve been before but maybe missed a few spots! 100% recommend.

Breanne Prewitt

July 2024

WOW! This guide is a dream come true! The amount of effort put into this guide is truly amazing and can save you so many hours of searching for your perfect fall trip. (Honestly, I don’t think you can find all this info on Google.) I would highly recommend the purchase! With just a few clicks, you have access to over a hundred of locations with the perfect amount of detail to get the best shot. You can create your own multiday itinerary to save all your favorite spots and I can’t believe how easy it is to do. The site is so easy to navigate (even the map, believe it or not), and there are so many valuable filters to help plan the best experience! I love the dog-friendly filter, and there are even places to stay nearby! 😊 I cannot wait to use it this fall! Thank you Mallory!!

Michael Claro

July 2024

Absolutely thrilled with this Southwest Colorado guide!

I would definitely purchase again to support both you and any future guides you produce. This guide is actual gold. As someone who spends 10 hours a day on Excel, I deeply appreciate the meticulous attention to detail. The organization, clarity, and comprehensive information are outstanding. The thoroughness, from the length of the hikes to their difficulty, and even the best times for photography at the photo spots, is impressive. Love how interactive the map is as well.

Suggestions: adding a few more places to eat or stay, more short-form videos, and consistently using either "itinerary" or "guide info" throughout would make this even more amazing than it already is. Additionally, creating a community forum (but moderated) where people can share their own personal reviews would further enhance the guide's value. Thank you for creating such a valuable resource!

Guide by Mallory
Joined in May 2024

Mallory is a photographer and content creator based in Western Colorado with easy access to the San Juan Mountains, Moab, and Desert Southwest. When she's not outside with her husband and toddler, she is a full time Critical Care Pharmacist that takes much of her time. She is passionate about mindful recreation, education, and protecting our public lands, along with sharing her favorite hikes, itineraries, unique stays, and must-sees when visiting locations around the Southwest and beyond.

See a location on my Instagram I haven't listed? Please feel free to message me so I can share!

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