Hidden Tuscany: The Lunigiana

I've lived part time in the Lunigiana historic territory of Tuscany for 20 years in a small village, eating local, watching my neighbors make prize winning salami, DOP honey and harvesting the famous Bigliolo beans, which grow in a place that suits them very well, and it's a short walk up the street.

Over the years I've interviewed some of the young people who have returned to create a new Lunigiana, not by ripping out the old and replacing it with a wonky version of Milan, but by taking over old family farms and producing what is known to do well in these mountain valleys, from potatoes to saffron.

I don't fit in to the modern travel mode here, I'm not a young influencer craving a zip line experience, but an archaeologist with a bad back, worse eyes, and a hankering to find connections between the past and the present. I think I've found what I'm looking for, a different corner of Italy where folks make their own food and wine. Come explore it with me.

Guide by James Martin
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Guide by James Martin
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I've been writing for the web since signing with About.com in 1997. I've been living half the year in Italy. For 20 years I've lived in rural Lunigiana, and now I call home in a Condo in Aulla, the historic region's largest city. I've also done archaeological work in Puglia, Sardinia, and in Ancient Corinth in Greece. I never want to stop learning about cultures--or providing the materials to empower you to travel to this fascinating country.

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