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We are Chiara and Matteo, two adventure travelers, film makers and photographers passionate about off the beaten path places, sustainable tourism and everything outdoorsy and adventure! We spent the past 3 years exploring Australia with our 4WD Chally looking for the best local spots, photo locations, most beautiful landscapes and the most untouched and wild places. We explored Western Australia most of the time and in our guide we will spill some local secrets, free camps and share some of our favourite places you won't find in any other guide, helping you plan the road trip of a lifetime!

Guide by Chiara and Matteo
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Guide by Chiara and Matteo
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Hi! We are Chiara and Matteo, two adventure travelers and film makers from Italy passionate about the outdoors, off the beaten path places and everything that makes us feel alive. We have travelled around Australia for 3 years and spent one and half in Western Australia, wild camping and exploring the most remote and stunning places. We love to inspire people to experience places deeply and mindfully and we hope we can help you with our guides!

Also, some random things we love: pizza, the orange color of the sunset on the ocean, tight hugs, trees, walking in fluffy snow, the smell of the rain.

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