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The kindest town in Venezuela with the best adrenaline experiences.
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

If you visit Mérida and other states of the country you will notice the difference. This is the kindest, must humbled and with touristic culture state in Venezuela.

One of the most mountains place of the country where the highest peak and last glacier of the country, the tallest cable car in the world, theme parks with venezuelan history and many more things to do.

Driving from the capital is about 12 hours but you can take a flght to "El Vigia" a town of merida and then drive for 45 minutes to the capital. I suggest you to stay minimum 4 days in Mérida but honestly if you have more time don't think it twice there is a lot of things to do here and it is also one of the cheapest places of the country.

I didn't want to do this post as an Itinerary because although there are several things to do here you can choose and check specific post I've done about it.

So here is a quick list of things you could do in Mérida.

If you like to trek or climb

  • Pico bolivar (the highest point of Venezuela with 4.980m, I did a specific post about it)

  • Pico Humbold and la corona glacier (second highest peak and the last glacier of the country, I did a specific post about it)

If you like adrenaline and extreme sports/activities

  • Canyoning

  • zipline

  • pendulum jump

  • climbing

  • mountain bikes

Things you MUST visit if you go to Mérida no matter your age.

  • Visit a theme park (Venezuela de antier and Los Aleros are my favorites)

  • Eat an ice cream in "heladería la coromoto" with a world guinness record of 1000 flavors

  • drink "miche andino (alcohol) and vitamina (non alcohol)

  • Go to paramo la culata

  • Star observatory

  • visit the tallest cable car in the world called "Mukumbari"

  • Visit a lagoon my favorite ones are "mucubaji" "la negra" and "la victoria"

  • visit Pico el Águila (the highest road in Venezuela) and eat onion soup and hot chocolate.

You can contact where you will find all the information regarding the tours and customize it at your own way. Also you can chat with them by WhatsApp by clicking the button at the website anytime. You can also split payments so you don't have to pay everything at once and finally but not less important they will take care of safety and logistics since you arrive in Venezuela.

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