One of the most beautiful beaches of the country just 3 hours away from the capital.
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Morrocoy National Park is PARADISE. Actually I would say that is the BEST beach when we compare quality/prices. Of course there are better beaches like Los Roques or La Tortuga Island but this one for it's price is sincerely the best, specially if you go during the week when you will have it practically for yourself.

Morrocoy is located in Falcon state of Venezuela and it's just 3-4 hours away from Caracas, in your way you will pass by "La Recta de la Felicidad" that is basically a road full of palm trees side by side for about 3 kilometers, honestly is breathtaking.

There are two main towns where you can take the boat to head the beautiful beaches of the national park, the first one is Tucacas a little bit more expensive but closer from the capital and with more options of hotels, airbnbs, lodges and boats to the beach, and the second one Chichiriviche like 45 minutes from the first one but cheapper in every sense. hotels and restaurants are cheap as well as transportation to the beaches.

Wherever you decide to go I suggest you to visit this beaches.

  • Cayo Sombrero
  • Los Juanes
  • Cayo Pescadores
  • Cayo Borracho
  • Cayo Aleman
  • Cayo Peraza

Also in you visit to Morrocoy I highly recommend you to take a few more days to visit other spots in Falcon state like:

  • Salinas de las cumaraguas
  • Medanos de Coro
  • Adícora
  • Cabo San Román

If you want to book a tour you can contact where you will find all the information regarding the tours and customize it at your own way. Also you can chat with them by WhatsApp by clicking the button at the website anytime. You can also split payments so you don't have to pay everything at once and finally but not less important they will take care of safety and logistics since you arrive in Venezuela.

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