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Several ways to visit Beautiful Avila
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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

El Ávila is the huge mountain that sorunds three states of Venezuela, between them the capital district and of course Caracas.

If you're planing to visit Caracas, El Avila, must be in your plans and there are several ways to visit this mountain, from hiking to cable car or by 4x4 trucks.

If you are sports enthusiast I suggest you to do one of it's hiking trails. honestly it has more than 50 and the view of the city from whichever is just stunning. the ones that i suggest you to go are:

  • Sabas Nieves
  • Piedra el Indio
  • Pico Oriental
  • Fila Maestra

Other way to visit El Avila is by car in 4x4 truck you can visit the town of Galipan and eat pork sandwiches and drink berries wine, trust me is delicious.

And finally and probably the most popular is going the cable car to "Avila Magica" a small village on the top of the mountains where is also located Humboldt Hotel and of the Caracas landmarks and a MUST if you have the time and budget, but I will do a separate post about the hotel. In Avila Magica there is also a Ice skating floor and several food vendors plus other activities to spend half day.

Remember if you plan to visit Venezuela and you want a local guide who takes you to the best spots you can contact Soco Adventures, a adventure travel agency with young people working to show the best of the country. They can help you from a full day city tour up to visiting the tallest waterfall in the world. You can check out the tours they offer or contact them by whatsapp in the button of its website here

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