The Tallest waterfall in the world 979 meters.




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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Visiting the Angel Falls is probably one of the most amazing experience of my life and I'm pretty sure that it will yours too.

Getting there is not an easy job because despite that the estimate time is 6-8 hours, it is departing from Canaima, and Indigenous town located in the southern part of Venezuela, very deep into the jungle, so, you will have to take a plane from Caracas, the capital of the country to Canaima, and then, the next day you will inmerse into this adventure.

In the early morning you will leave your lodge in a truck for 15 minutes that will take you to the river port, then an indigenous canoe for about 3 hours with short walks passing thru small villages while the canoe pass thru the hardest rapids, but don't worry you don't be in danger at any moment.

When you start watching big rocks in the middle of the river, then prepare your camera, because it means you're about to see the tallest waterfall in the world. The first sight is from the canoe but then you will arrive to "Isla Raton" and after a 45-60 minutes hike you will reach the best viewpoint of the waterfall.

Trust me, when you get there, you will have one of the most amazing feelings in your life, and then hike 15 extra minutes to reach the "Happiness well" and take a cold bath to energize yourself with purest water coming from the top of the Auyantepui.

In the way back depending on the group and the plan you choose you can stay one night in a base camp in front of the waterfall (which I highly recommend because you will sleep in hammocks in the middle of the jungle with delicious food and bath and the best part, the view of the Angel Falls just in front of you), or go back in the same journey that took you there to reach your lodge and have all the luxury and comfort that it offers you.

As I mentioned before to get to Angel Falls you need to pay one of the only two tours options (4 days trip or 5 days trip), to reach the occidental side of Canaima National Park, stay in a lodge in the indigenous community and enjoy everything this place has to offer.

I also suggest you to check out this things to do that are located in Canaima, so you consider them when you visit Angel Falls:

  • Walk behind the waterfalls "Salto El Hacha" & "Salto El Sapo"

  • Heli flight and land on top of Angel Falls

  • Overflight Angel Falls and visit Kavak cave

  • Visit Uruyen the most remote and luxurious lodge in an indigenous village.

  • Hike to Kuravaina tepui and Blue well.

You can contact where you will find all the information regarding the tours and customize it at your own way. Also you can chat with them by WhatsApp by clicking the button at the website anytime. You can also split payments so you don't have to pay everything at once and finally but not less important they will take care of safety and logistics since you arrive in Venezuela.

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