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Where Venezuela touches the sky. The highest point of the country.
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Pico Bolivar is the highest summit of Venezuela and such a beautiful place for those climbing and hiking lovers.

It takes between 3-5 days to reach and go back to Mérida a town where I'd suggest to stay as long as you can because there are so many things to do but that's another post.

With 4.980 meters above sea level "Pico Bolivar" is where Venezuela touches the sky. The hiking is intermediate during the summer (November to June) and difficult during the winter (May to November) because they might be a lot of snow, so you need to climb using crampons and piolets (ice axes) in order to reach the summit where you will find a Simón Bolivar statue (the liberator of Venezuela).

The only way of visit this place is with a certified mountain guide from Mérida Venezuela, so I suggest you to contact in order to find you the best available for the dates you want to come and visit.

Prices are around 150-200 usd per person per day so it will depend your skills level and the days it takes you to reach the summit to have a clearly budget of this tour. in that price is included the camping and climbing gear and the food.

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