The pearl of the Caribbean.
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6 - 8 hours
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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Margarita is by excellence one of the most touristic destinations of Venezuela. In the past was the most visited place by foreigners and investors who want to build their hotels and touristic infrastructures there.

There is plenty of things to do here and despite I'll do an itinerary about this island and surroundings I will also give you an idea of what to expect and visit here.

Margarita has options for everyone from all inclusive hotels in front of the beach, so you don't have to do anything else than relax but also there are a lot of things you could go and explore by yourself.

Is the island you have malls, nightclubs, very good restaurants and of course beautiful beaches.

Here Is a list of things you can do if visitng Margarita.

  • Playa parguito

  • Playa el agua

  • Playa Caribe

  • Sunset in Juan Griego

  • eat in "Los contenedores"

  • Kartings in Margarita

  • dinner in Pampatar

  • Visit cubagua island (I made a specific post about)

  • Visit Coche island (I made a specific post about)

Remember, if you would like to contact an agency who takes care of you or simply book the tours and you do them by yourself then is your best option, they can customized your experience as much as you can, from picking you up in the airport when you arrive in Venezuela (even before helping you with the visa, in case you need it), until book and take you everywhere with photographer included. from the basics to most comfortable experience. So don't hesitate to go to their website, see their tours and click the whatsapp button to chat and personalize your trip to Venezuela.

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