Best arepas of Caracas Venezuela
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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Arepas are LIFE for Venezuelans, so if you visit my country you MUST eat at least one arepa.

Basically an arepa is like a corn dought cake stuffed with meats or cheese principally but honestly you can fill them up with anything.

If you researched a little bit there is a HUGE dispute of the origin of the arepa if they are venezuelans or colombians and honestly I don't know the true but I do know that venezuelans are WAY BETTER even sayed by colombians.

They're usually eaten for breakfast but you can have them for lunch or dinner because one arepa is enough food for a full meal.

It contains a lot of carbs with the dough of precook grounded corn and also proteins with the meat or cheese you put inside, so don't hesitate in eating an arepa everywhere anytime.

My favorite arepas are:

  1. Reina Pepiada (shredded chicken with avocado-mayo sauce)
  2. Pelua (shredded beef with shredded venezuelan yellow cheese)
  3. Catira (shredded chicken with white cheese)
  4. Venezuelan Cheese (there are at least 5 cheeses that you MUST try if you visit Venezuela and they are: Guayanes, De Mano, Telita, Paisa and Llanero)
  5. Llanera (this arepa is WOW and it is grilled beef with vegetables, avocado and cheese)
  6. Pernil (pork cooked in the oven) also you can add tomatoes and avocado.
  7. Tuna salad (tuna with tomatoes and onion, basic but DELICIOUS)

I suggest you to go to Solar Del Este that is a famous Arepas restaurant in Las Mercedes, one of the most popular areas of Caracas, but honestly there are hundreds of amazing areperas everywhere in Venezuela.

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