Pabellon and more venezuelan typical food.
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30 - 60 min
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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Pabellón is he main dish of Venezuela, but there is a LOT you must try when visiting my country.

You could find these dishes almost everywhere but I'll tell you my favorites dishes and restaurant to eat them:

Best Venezuelan dishes

  • Pabellón
  • Tequeños
  • Cahapas with cheese and pulled pork.
  • Emapanadas (I made a specific post about)
  • Arepas (I made a specific post about)
  • Cachitos (mostly in bakeries)
  • Golfeados with cheese (mostly in bakeries)
  • Venezuelan cheeses (De mano, Guayanes, Telita, Duro, Cuajada, De Trenza)
  • Hallacas (only in december)
  • Pernil (pork in a typical way, mostly in December)

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