Safari in Venezuela
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

In "Los llanos" in Venezuela es where the farmers are located, also where the savannah of my country is where you come to listen traditional music eat delicious meet and experience a Safari in Venezuela.

In here you could find Anacondas that are the largest snakes of America and the second of the world after the python. Also they are very friendly and with experts guides you could be as close as you can of this snakes.

Also you will find the biggest crocodile of America called "Caiman del Orinoco" and the second biggest of the world.

There are several states of Venezuela that compound "los llanos" but the best one to see the fauna is Apure, specifically "Matiyure Camp" where the best spotter guides are situated. Here you will have stays with A/C and hot water and also all meals included, plus the safaris included. Also you could horse ride in the savannah and navigate in its rivers to feed the crocodiles and watch how this animals jump out of the water to catch a steak.

Honestly is an amazing safari experience in Venezuela and a MOST if you have enough time and if you are passionate about animals photography.

Also you will see a lot of birds and other animals like foxes, capybara, and pumas.

To go to Apure I suggest you take at least 3 days because it is located 8 hours away from Caracas so you will need half day to go and to come back. Also I suggest you to hire so you don't have to drive through this roads that honestly are not the best of the country and also you'll need energy to explore the savannah once you reach the lodge.

If you click in their website you can see the tours they have and also click the whatsapp button where you can customized your experience. Also they offer you security in every moment and pick up and drop off from the airport.

Whichever the option you decide to go I suggest you to do this activities:

  • Safari to find anacondas and crocodile

  • Night safari

  • Ride horses in the savannah

  • Water safari to feed the crocodiles

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