Most pristine beaches of ENTIRE CARIBEEAN SEA.
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Los Roques archipielago is by far the best beach destination of the caribbean and I'll tell you why.

When in you think in paradise spots in the caribbean sea, there are a few variables to consider. Season of the year to go, weather and temperature of the water, how to avoid crowds, all inclusive packages, activities and extras and finally if it is affordable or. not.

Well let me tell you that Los Roques has the blessing not only to be in the caribbean sea but also in the equator line so, there is 365 days of sun and warm water to visit. Also being an archipielago with small airport and lodges let you experience one of those places like Maldives, Sychelles or Bora Bora without paying what it usually cost to go there.

Last but not least important, all lodges in Los Roques work with an all inclusive service where they give you breakfast, send you the lunch to the beach and then a gourmet dinner, so you won't have to worry about anything but enjoy.

You could visit Los Roques in a full day but honestly spend at least 3 days in paradise, you already came so far to visit this piece of heaven on earth to spend more time in airports and flights that enjoying this magical place.

The best way to visit is taking a flight from Caracas which it cost around 300 usd, and then stay in a lodge where prices are between 150-300 usd per person per night (this price includes all meals), then transportation to the beaches with umbrella and chairs are between 30 to 80 usd per person depending on which beach are you visiting and if you're taking a mini tour to visit 2-3 beaches in one day.

Also you could practice, scuba dive, kitesurf and if you're lucky skydiving because tandem jumps here are not often but when they are you MUST DO IT, honestly is even better than the palm in Dubai.

I suggest you to contact to see and book one of their plans because there is no website to book a flight (is need to be done by the old way), so they care of that, also booking the lodges and everything else is 100 times better if a local do it for you, so you avoid scams and overpricing just because you're foreigner.

In their website you can click whatsapp button and chat to customize your experience and have the best time in PARADISE.

Whichever way to choose to visit Los Roques I sugget you to visit thies beaches

  • Madrisky

  • Francisky and the natural pool to snorkel down to he virgin.

  • Cayo the Agua

  • Carenero

  • Noronky - Crasqui - Laguna de rabusky (3 beaches in one mini tour )

  • Dos mosquises

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