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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Adícora is a kitesurfers town known as the wind paradise in Venezuela.

For Kitesurf lovers this is one of the best place to go in the country not only because it's wind conditions but also because of the direction of the wind always heading the shore, so if you fall you're not going to drown.

Here you can find several lodges with a cool beach vibes with all inclusive packages with delicious food and kitesurf schools.

Even if you are a beginner you can go and do the course in 2 days to start learning this sport. Also this is a strategical point to visit 2 of the landmarks of Falcon state that are Las Salinas De Las Cumaraguas and Cabo San Roman.

My favorite lodges are 30 nudos adicora and chicho's posada and my favorite kite schools are Gurkha and AdicoraKite

If you want to visit Adicora you can contact where you will find all the information regarding the tours and customize it at your own way. Also you can chat with them by WhatsApp by clicking the button at the website anytime. You can also split payments so you don't have to pay everything at once and finally but not less important they will take care of safety and logistics since you arrive in Venezuela.

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