Most virgin and paradisiac beach destination in the caribbean
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Ok It's not going to be easy or cheap but it will worth it 10000%

La tortuga island is similar to Los Roques archipielago with the most clear and turquoise waters you'll see but getting there is either experience or difficult, let me explain you.

This island is located 56 miles off the shore of Higuerote (which is 2 hours away driving from Caracas) so the only way to go is by a speed boat or yacht navigating for 3 hours in open seas or by helicopter which is not cheap.

There are 2 main beaches where you can stay "Cayo Herradura" that is COMPLETELY virgin where you will only find fisherman's ranches and tents, because yes, you'll have to sleep in tents or hire a yacht and sleep inside.

Also there is a second beach where you could stay called "Punta Delgada" where there is a lodge and you can navigate one extra hour to get there or going by helicopter.

You must know that going by boat is only possible in 3 days plans, there is no other way to do it shorter than hiring an helicopter.

Anyways the first way to go is approximately 500 usd with transportation, tents and all meals, and the rest of the options (the yacht or the lodge), has to be budgeted within the exact dates and number of people you're traveling with so I highly recommend that you contact and click the whatsapp button where they will tell you the best prices to visit.

Finally I suggest you to visit this extra spots, once you're in La Tortuga island

  • Tortuguillo

  • Garambeo

  • Carenero

  • Punta Delgada / Punta del este

  • Boca de cangrejo.

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